Room thermostats for underfloor heating

Hello guys

Before the cold yeartime knocks at the door, I’d like to update my heating control.
I found the “heat-it” ( Thermostats, which look very nice.
Does anybody have them in use? Some ideas?

To achieve the WAF (Woman acceptance factor) it would be nice, if the temperature could be set direct on the device.
On the other Hand, I would be able to set the should-temperature with set-points (because I want to set different night and day temperatures).

Thank you


Hello Markus

May I haven’t paid enough Attention, or I haven’t told you all about my Environment :wink:
We have a “Minenergie” Flat, with low-temperature underfloor heating and single thermostats in every room. The work analog with “Bi-Metall”-Components. They are directly wired to the electrical valves for the underfloor-heating circles.
The thermostats have from my view 2 Settings: “too cold / too warm”.
I tried to replace the Thermostat with an simple Fibaro relay Switch and it works fine. But, to set the temperature you Need an additional device.
Also I got in contact with heatit Support. They told me, that thier Thermostat should work in this Szenario

So I hope this excurse lights up all misconceptions. :smile:


My situation is roughly the same like yours (warm water underfloor heating, controlled by bi-metal components, etc.). I also found heatit a couple of weeks and plan to use at least one of them.

So, I’m also interested whether anybody was able to use them with openhab or has any other experience with them.


Hey Markus

Thank you for your Response. I hear your doubts :wink:
But anyway, I think I’ll buy one and look whats happen :wink:
IMHO it is better to use the existing Environment, instead of adding new components.
(To repeat: I only Need to open / Close an electric cycle depending on the room temperature)

And yes, whe have underfloor heating everywhere.

Soo Long,

Hey Michael,

I was wondering whether the heatit has an integrated temperature sensor. I couldn’t see this information in the tech specs. Otherwise it would be necessary to connect the included floor sensor and hide its cable…have you any more information on this?


Hey Daniel

When I look at the functions ( they talk about a room sensor.
I understand this like there is an integrated room ambient Temperatur sensor and the Option to connect the floor sensor.


  • Room sensor

  • Floor sensor

  • Temperature limiter

  • Power regulator

  • Z-Wave chip 500-series

  • Weekly program via gateway

  • Setback mode via gateway or pilot wire

  • 7-segment white LCD-screen

  • Can be used in connection with different NTC sensors

  • Lock mode/Child lock

  • Backlight

  • Calibration

  • Setback temperature in association with door/window sensor

  • 8 scenarios

Do you agree?



yeah, your suggestion is my hope, too. :smile:
What keeps me wondering is the the connector for the external room sensor at the backside of the device: Link to backside image

I think it’s worth a try anyway :wink:



I Interpret it, that there is the availability to connect an additional, externel sensor.
My order should arrive this Weekend…


etwas off-topic und alt, aber trotzdem passend: Der digitale Graben in meiner Wohnung

Just a short update: I was successful in mounting and connecting the heatit to openHAB.
No problems so far. Just two notices:

  1. There is no need to configure the devices via habmin as long as you don’t need any associations, because no configurations parameters are available
  2. The device’s plastic frame sucks…
  3. As suggested/hoped the heatit has an internal temperature sensor


@ldaniel how are things going with heatit?

So have heatit fixed the problem discussed in the other thread: Problems with Heatit Thermostat Version 1.7 and internal temperature sensor ?