Room Widget with picture and overview?

Has anyone done something similar to the attached example?

I’m looking to have a main panel with little pictures of each room showing some summary info and let people click on lights etc. And then a way to click on the room to get taken to a more detailed panel for the room.


If you wish you could make a custom widget then use it for the main menu tiles using this feature (2nd video):

(note the video is not current because the use of custom widget for a dashboard was expanded to the drawer menu and the header as well):

I am working on a Widget that does something similar to what you are looking for. I will post the results shortly.

Basically there for my purposes.

Allows me to configure four items for display (no control though), together with a redirect to a dashboard when you click on the image. In my case, this will be a detailed page for that room.

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I plan to work on a new Title Bar widget for better navigation.

Looks good! Having control would be a bonus

Fairly easy to add the control, but I need to see it works when the tablet is in kiosk mode. I think that the icons will be too small to be meaningful.

I’d say it’s okay if the text and icons are larger and the I’m getting is just more of a background… At the moment it’s a huge picture with tiny icons.

Can I see the code?

This is what I have so far.

MansionDash.widget.json (5.2 KB)


Can you help me with the Icons.

If i try to set the icons dosnt show .

I use for the icon music.
Dosnt show

Have the same problem that no icon is visible.