Root system corrupt after power outage

Yesterday evening, I had a power outage (in the whole street) and I noticed OpenHAB was not coming online anymore.

I have it running on a Pi3. Today I attached a monitor and keyboard, when booting there was some error to reach folders. I tried to do an update of all compenents via the openhabian config tool, but again, a lot of folders which were not present/found.

Is there a possibility to fix this? or is it easier to reinstall? I have a backup of all my things, items, rules…

Reinstall IS the way to fix it.

Sadly no Linux computer, and it is especially true for SBCs running on SD cards, handle sudden power failures well and a file system corruption often is the result.

Thanks the answer.
Everything is already running again. Thanks to my backups, text file config and separate DB, it took me 30minutes.

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And this is why we need backup and restore procedures people. Glad you got it back up and running so quickly! :slight_smile:

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Is there an easy way of createing a things test file for my PaperUI-genarated things?

I like the text based config, but things are still missing (especially for a start from scratch it’s a major part to re-create the things in PaperUI)

You have to look at reach and every binding’s README for the proper format and contents of the Things for that Binding.

If you are moving Things to a new install, just copy the JSONDB files over to the new OH. That would be easiest. You can event edit the files first if you want to exclude some of the Things.

People don’t seem to realize that the JSONDB is a text file too. You just shouldn’t edit the JSONDB files while OH is running.

That’s an even better option.
Thanks a lot Rich!!