Rootserver -> VPN > Fritzbox -> Sonos

I have installed openhab2.4 on a root server with debian 9.
With vpnc it creates a vpn tunnel to my local fritzbox.
The root server has a local ip adress, the adress of my fritzbox is
In this address range are also my sonos boxes.

I think the problem is that openhab2 takes the wrong primary address (= the external root server adress from the en3 device) and not my the other adress from the vpn tunnel and tun0 device.

I have tried to edit the /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/eclipse/smarthome/network.config file and setting

broadcastAddress="" --> broadcast address
primaryAddress=""    --> subnet address

but this solves not the problem. On the Paper-UI i see not this adresses and i am not able to enter the correct values.

I know the adresses of my sonos boxes in the area, but openhab2 doesn’t find them. As i read openhab only searches the sonos boxes via broadcast so i have to set anywhere the correct values.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Best regards


no ideas?