RP3 with OpenHABian and Razberry Card - Not Working


As the title suggests, I’m trying to get a RP3 board working with a openHABian install and a Razberry (Z-wave) card. I appear to have Openhab2 up and running, but I cannot seem to get it to communicate with the card.

When I add a “thing” from the Z-wave binding in the interface, I get /dev/ttyAMA0 does not exist.

Things I’ve tried based on browsing forums:

  • Disabling Bluetooth (Adding “dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt” to /boot/config.txt/ and rebooting.
  • Adding “-Dgnu.io.rxtx.SerialPorts=/dev/ttyS0:/dev/ttyAMA0” to EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS in /etc/default/openhab2

Seems I can’t get openhab2 to acknoledge that /dev/ttyAMA0 is present, even though it appears as a result in “ls /dev/tty*”

Has this been resolved yet, or is the Razberry card not going to be supported in Openhab2?


Seems you have missed that