RPi 2 + RFXtrx433E not working with Somfy Rollershutter

Hi guys.

A short summary of my configuration bevor explaining my problem.

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 2.0 with Hardware Revision B. At the Moment I’m using Rasbian Jessie as OS. Directly to the RPi there is a RFXtrx433E attached on the USB port. I’m running OH 1.8.2.

We’ve multiple windows which are shaded by Somfy rollershutters. These are controlled by the Somfy RTS remotecontrol. I’ve learned all controls to the RFXtrx as RFY device with the Windows application RFXmgr. When I’m trying to control a rollershutter with this application everything is working like a charm. (on the RFX device there is first the red LED on - I think it’s a sign for sending Data- and after 1 or 2 seconds the green one for a short time)

After this pre-configuration I attached the RFX to my RPi, copied the binding file in the addon Directory and configured the USB Port ttyUSB0 in my openhab.cfg.
After this I’ve added an item to the default.items and created the responding part in the default.sitemap.


Rollershutter RsJalOG {rfxcom=">"}


Switch item=RsJalOG label=“Jalousie”

When starting OH in debug mode I see that the RFX is initializing with the following lines:

19:42:56.169 [INFO ] [.b.r.internal.RFXComConnection:112 ] - Connecting to RFXCOM [serialPort=’/dev/ttyUSB0’ ].
19:42:56.250 [DEBUG] [i.internal.GenericItemProvider:341 ] - Start processing binding configuration of Item ‘RsJalOG (Type=RollershutterItem, State=Uninitialized)’ with ‘RFXComGenericBindingProvider’ reader.
19:42:56.280 [DEBUG] [.rfxcom.internal.RFXComBinding:63 ] - Activate
RXTX Warning: Removing stale lock file. /var/lock/LCK…ttyUSB0

When I’m pressing e.g. the button for moving up or down the rollershutter first I get the following lines and only see the green LED flashing shortly:

19:43:39.216 [DEBUG] [.rfxcom.internal.RFXComBinding:91 ] - Received command: RsJalOG DOWN
19:43:39.240 [DEBUG] [.rfxcom.internal.RFXComBinding:151 ] - Received command (item=‘RsJalOG’, state=‘DOWN’, class=‘class org.openhab.core.library.types.UpDownType’)
19:43:39.246 [DEBUG] [.rfxcom.internal.RFXComBinding:195 ] - Transmitting data: 0C1A0001000C030103000000F0
19:43:39.277 [DEBUG] [.b.r.internal.RFXComConnection:146 ] - Data received:
Raw data = 140101010053010000070001031C03000000000000

  • Packet type = INTERFACE_MESSAGE
  • Seq number = 1
  • Sub type = UNKNOWN
  • Command = RESET
  • Transceiver type = _443_92MHZ_TRANSCEIVER
  • Firmware version = 1
  • Hardware version = 0.1
  • Undecoded packets = false
  • RFU6 packets = false
  • RFU5 packets = false
  • RFU4 packets = false
  • RFU3 packets = false
  • FineOffset / Viking (433.92) packets = false
  • Rubicson (433.92) packets = false
  • AE (433.92) packets = false
  • BlindsT1/T2/T3 (433.92) packets = false
  • BlindsT0 (433.92) packets = false
  • ProGuard (868.35 FSK) packets = false
  • FS20 (868.35) packets = false
  • La Crosse (433.92/868.30) packets = false
  • Hideki/UPM (433.92) packets = false
  • AD (433.92) packets = false
  • Mertik (433.92) packets = false
  • Visonic (315/868.95) packets = false
  • ATI (433.92) packets = false
  • Oregon Scientific (433.92) packets = false
  • Meiantech (433.92) packets = false
  • HomeEasy EU (433.92) packets = false
  • AC (433.92) packets = true
  • ARC (433.92) packets = true
  • X10 (310/433.92) packets = true

And after a few seconds this line appears:

19:43:44.264 [ERROR] [.rfxcom.internal.RFXComBinding:239 ] - No acknowledge received from RFXCOM controller, timeout 5000ms due to java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: waiting timed out

And now the question is how to fix it. :wink: Hopefully there is somebody who can help me and makes me happy.

Thanks in advance.


Hi everyone!

I found the solution for the problem myself. :grinning: It is very simple.

In the RFXmgr Application which is running on Windows you choose the RFY ID in HEX. In openHAB you have to use the ID in DEC. This means, if you choose ID 0.12.01 in Windows you have to use the ID 0.18.01 in openHAB.

Hopefully this information is useful for someone else in the future.