Rpi disk image login

I installed OH2 with the rpi disk image. I can access the rpi through the web browser on port8080.
I can connect through ssh . But I am unable to login using openhab/habopen or pi/raspberry.
I am stumped on how to login to ssh.

If you used the openhabian image user and password are openhabian/openhabian. :slight_smile:

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Success! Thank you

Sorry to ask again but openhabian/openhabian does not work for me.
The system says:

Raspian GNU/Linux 8 openHABianPi tty
openHABianPi login:

When I enter “openhabian” as login and “openhabian” as pwd it says “Login failed”…

I just finished the autoinstallation and did nothing more. So what could the correct login be?

Sorry, but no: neither openhabian:openhabian nor openhab:habopen works.
So how can I reset a password if I cant login?! I’m just sitting in front of a monitor (connected to the Raspi) saying “Login incorrect”…

Ouch, sorry the answer was samba related.
First a side note. Do not use the RPi on your monitor. It’s supposed to run as a dedicated headless client. Remote Controlling it via SSH gives you many benefits.
The openHABian system login on a Raspberry Pi is either openhabian:openhabian on a v1.1 installation or pi:raspberry on an older build. If you are in fact on an older build, be aware that you might need to type a z instead of the y, depending on your keyboard (this doesn’t happen via SSH).

Tom, thanx a lot. Meanwhile I downloaded v1.1. and am installing right now. :slight_smile: Let’s see if everything works.
Yes, I do agree: it is supposed to work headless. But: it’s always good to know what the actual credentials are :slight_smile: