Rpi3 openhabian stability issues


I’ve had my openhabian system running for years now, with some hickups and issues now and then. But when I upgraded to 2.4 M5, my system was rock solid and ran for days without issues. I was stupid enough to upgrade my system and ever since, I’ve had problems with stability.

My RPI 3 with openhabian is rapidly running out of memory and swap space. This is something I experienced on milestone builds after M5 and 2.4 stable and latest snapshots. I also get frequently “ERROR 503 - jersey is not ready yet” messages in paper ui and rest api. These “issues” were not precent at M5 build.

I’ve tried to revert back to 2.4 M5, but without success. I now also get the same behaviour as mentioned above, on this build :confused: i have of course deleted tmp and cache in between upgrades.

The biggest problem I’m facing now, is that my system only runs for half a day, before needing to restart/reboot. Memory seems to be running out rapidly.
And now I’m also having troubles with the jsondb, with loosing the jsondb things file. Suddenly all my thing/devices ends up in my discovered items list. Then I have to copy/past the backup file into jsondb.

this is something I’ve noticed from the log:

[ERROR] [me.storage.json.internal.JsonStorage] - Error writing JsonDB to /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json. Cause /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json (No access).

My permissions for that specific file and the entire jsondb folder, is:

Hope someone is able and would like to help me out… This is driving me nuts :smile:

OK, here are the things that stand out.

  1. It was running well for a long time
  2. A major system upgrade exhibits unexpected behavior and errors
  3. Going back to the older working version shows the same errors
  4. Strange file access problems

4 in particular but 3 also point to a failing SD card. I’m not saying the card is indeed failing, but often when it does, it causes strange inexplicable errors like this.

Unless you failed to revert everything back to the older working version (core and all bindings) I see no other explanation.

The error writing to a file that openhab has permission on is definitely a red flag.

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Thanks for your advise Rich. I will order a new SD-card and hope for the better :smiley: thanks