RPi3, Razbeery issues

I have just installed OpenHabian on my RPi3 with a Razberry zwave board on it. But I am having issues getting the USB port show up and work as it should.

I am aware that for it to work, I have to disable Bluetooth - and I have had it running using other setups (Domoticz and Home Assistant). I am also aware that OpenHASbian should make the setup easier, by way of the Serial entry in openhasbian-config.

However, when I check the entries there ( and I check all three ), leave the config, and then go back, it is as if it does not remember my selection.

I then thought, its because I havent run the recomended ‘rpi-update’. So I did that, and now my Pi is unable to boot. I first thought something else went wrong, so I completely reinstalled, but the same thing happend.

Is the rpi-update nessesary for things to work - as far as I recall, running rpi-update on my other installs with Domoticz and Home Assistant, it went smoothly. But I dont know if this is openhasbian og rpi-update related.

Anyone able to help shed some light to all this, and hopefully get my OpenHab zwave up and running.

Thanks for already finding the problem and providing it as a PR for openHABian ! :wink:

Yes, my Razberry is now identified as it should.

I have not run a rpi-update though. That still seems to break the install completely.