RPi3 with SSD - Neat solution?

hi guys

does anyone know of a kit which comes with an attractive case with the RPI 3B that allows me to add an SSD? I want to do a demo openhab system and given the SD card issues Id rather avoid that and use a very small SSD 2.5" drive.

Any suggestions would be great!


Hi @dastrix80,

maybe you can take a look at

Here seem to be some examples for what you are looking for. There are companies on the internet that can print the model for you.


There are some options off AliExpress

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Google “raspberry pi ssd case” and a bunch of options come up.

You might consider a Banana Pi or Orange Pi, as they have real built-in SATA ports instead of hanging the disc off the USB channel. They’ll be a lot quicker.

I have a Pi with the (now discontinued) PiDrive and it’s rather awkward case, and while it works flawlessly, the performance leaves a lot to be desired.

Were I to be starting over, I’d be considering one of these other Pi alternatives. I may yet move to them.

Thanks guys, plenty of ideas now :slight_smile:

Nvme M2 drive support, way more cpu and ram ability and true sata. Toying with this for a combined NAS and openhab setup.


That looks alot better!