RPM Snapshot Repo now available for testing!

Hi All!

###What This Is

RPM is Redhat’s Package Manager, which is used in all Redhat derived Linux distributions, it serves as a way of installing, upgrading and uninstalling software. Just like openHAB’s apt repository, we now have an RPM repository which allows us to install, setup and update openHAB automatically for the majority of Linux systems!

Some of you may have already seen that an RPM Repo in our Artifactory Instance has appeared. I’m pleased to say that we have been building RPM packages for some time and now that the instructions have been added to our docs site, I wanted to announce it here so that people can help test.

Using the repo should offer the same experience as using apt-get for Debian based systems, so let me know in the linuxpkg issue list if this is not the case!

Beta and Stable variants will be available at a later date.


To use it, A file should be added at /etc/yum.repos.d/openhab.repo with the following contents:

name=openHAB 2.x.x Snapshots


And then simply install with yum, dnf or other RPM front-ends:

sudo yum install openhab2

The optional add-on packages (openhab2-addons and openhab2-addons-legacy) are also available!


  1. The RPM files cannot currently be GPG verified.
  2. Only OSes that have systemd are supported, for example:
  • CentOS 7.14 or later
  • Fedora 14 or later
  • RHEL 7 or later

Kind Regards,


Happy to see this rolling out.

Great work!!!

Where is the best place to put EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS so it wont get overwritten? I have quite a few:

export EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS="-Dgnu.io.rxtx.SerialPorts=/dev/ttyACM0:\
/dev/ttyPort0:/dev/ttyPort1:/dev/ttyPort2:/dev/ttyPort3:/dev/ttyPort4:/dev/ttyPort5:/dev/ttyPort6:/dev/ttyPort7:/dev/ttyPort8 \
-Dfile.encoding=ISO-8859-1 -Duser.timezone=America/New_York"

Found it in the docs!


Is the .spec setup to NOT overwrite things like:


Should be, it uses the same configuration file as the Debian packages, so the only items in /var/lib/openhab2 that be overwritten should be:


I noticed that openhab2 systemd service is started after rpm update, even if it wasn’t running beforehand. This causes problems for people running openhab1 but installing and working on an openhab2 migration on the side.

Good point @Stormwind, there’s an open issue on this so I will look into solving it, hopefully during the weekend.

I’ve made PR #47 to fix the restart problem (for all Linux distributions, not just RPM), I should be able to merge it soon.

As for signed RPMs I have found a workaround in the underlining libraries, but it may take time for my pull request in that library to propagate through to our project.