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When making a change to /etc/openhab2/services/rrd4j.cfg i’m getting an error in my log referring to a configuration mistake I made some time ago. This error is not in my rrd4j.cfg file anymore.

It seems that Openhab monitors the file /etc/openhab2/services/rrd4j.cfg being changed but then proceeds to read the configuration from another file.

Where could this “other” file reside in my file system? How can I remove this old configuration?

The problem persists over reboots of my device.

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Have you tried to stop openHAB, remove the old .rrd files and restart openHAB.
Changing this configuration would result in totally different .rrd files, so overwritting might not be correct.

There might be some clue in the error message, maybe?

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@opus I did restart openHAB. The problem lies with the actual reading of the configuration file not with the following creation of the files. The files are created with the default settings as the actual settings the configuration file are not read. They seem to be read from an old version of the cfg file.


Here you go. I’m afraid that there is little information to be found. Other than the fact that the offending lines are currently not in my cfg file.

11:15:30.929 [WARN ] [rsistence.rrd4j.internal.RRD4jService] - Ignoring illegal configuration: For input string: “3650 # 1 dag (3min) | 1 week (15min) | 1 maand (1u) | 10 jaar (1d)”
11:15:30.934 [WARN ] [rsistence.rrd4j.internal.RRD4jService] - Ignoring illegal configuration: For input string: “180 # 3min | unlimited | unlimited | 3min”
11:15:30.938 [WARN ] [rsistence.rrd4j.internal.RRD4jService] - Ignoring illegal configuration: For input string: “3650 # 1 dag (3min) | 1 week (15min) | 1 maand (1u) | 10 jaar (1d)”

Check in /var/lib/openhab2/persistence and see if you have rrd4j listed. If so you can stop OH and try removing it. Just make sure OH is not running when making a change in this location.

@H102 This location has only my rdd databases. Removing these databases will result in the fact that I lose all persisted data. This folder does not contain any configuration files. (I checked).

Do you know where the default configuration is stored. The configuration that is used when there is no specific configuration available in the cfg-file?

Not sure where the default is stored but check in /var/lib/openhab2/etc

So you have had a custom rrd4j.cfg (which contained comments starting with #).
You changed back to the default setup AND the persistence service is working except for those WARN messages ( no Error!)… Additionally the warning states that this config is NOT used.
As stated you do get them whenever doing a change to the rrd4j.cfg file, correct?
Could you post your actual rrd4j.cfg?


At one point I added a comment at the end of a custom configuration in my rrd4j.cfg file.

humidity.def=GAUGE,480,0,100,180 # 3min | unlimited | unlimited | 3min
humidity.archives=AVERAGE,0.5,1,520:AVERAGE,0.5,5,768:AVERAGE,0.5,20,768:AVERAGE,0.5,480,3650 # 1 dag (3min) | 1 week (15min) | 1 maand (1u) | 10 jaar (1d)

Openhab didn’t seem to like this kind of comments. Hence the errors in my log.

So I removed the comments from the file. The file currently contains:


Every time I update or touch the rrd4j.cfg file Openhab complains in the logs about the # after the number 180 and 3650.

The strange thing is that those comments are no longer present in the file.

It’s all rather like the 1.x bindings mechanism, where binding.cfg is shadowed to binding.config, and things go wrong with editing.
Despite being 1.x, I didn’t think persistence services did that, but maybe search for rrd4j.config.
If found, stop OH, delete, restart.


As said before no ERROR but a WARNING. So the code is running, but your config hasn’t been used. I would not be sure that your custom config is used after all. You could check that using the REST API and do request the strored values for the last 24 hrs. If the default setup would be used 360 values would be returned, with 4 minutes between each value.

Can’t say how many values your setup would be showing since you are not using the 60 second heartbeat, which as I understood is needed.

@rossko57 Thank you very much. I found the file with the old config in /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/rrd4j.config

Wow, I really didn’t thank that applied to persistence