Rrd4j data not available in charts

I store values from temperature sensors with rrd4j persistence. I configured a specific rrd4j config for these items as I want to store values for the last 60 days with 1-minute granularity (which is slightly different from what the default datasource provides).

This is the datasource config in services/rrd4j.cfg:


The first archive covers 60 minutes with 10-seconds granularity, the 2nd archive covers 60 days with 1-minute-granularity, the 3rd archive covers ca 1 year with 15-minute-granularity, and so on…

Here the persistence config in persistence/rrd4j.persist:

Strategies {
    everyMinute : "0 * * * * ?"

MQTT_solar_ruecklauf, MQTT_solar_vorlauf : strategy = everyChange, everyMinute

The problem is that when analyzing these items, the chart does only show values of the last hour (apparently from the first archive) even though older values are existing / stored in the corresponding archives of the rrd database file (verified via RRD-Inspector).


I’ve already cleaned cache (via openhab-cli clean-cache), restarted openhab, deleted rrd database files but nothing helps.

Any ideas whats going wrong here?

The issue is possibly due to having more than one consolidation function (LAST and AVERAGE) defined.

There’s a comment in my rrd4j.cfg which says that only one is supported.

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Ah yes thats right, thanks for the hint. I must have missed that it is even mentioned in the docs :wink:
Ok, I changed the datasource definition to:


Then stopped openHAB, deleted rrd files, cleaned the cache and restarted openHAB. Lets see in an hour if this solves the problem…

That did the trick :+1: Thanks for the hint @MikeJMajor
Next time I will try to read the docs more careful… :wink: