Rrd4j doesn't work for rollershutter

I use rrd4j as my standard persistence service (no specific strategy) in OH3.3.0 mostly without problems. Only with rollershutters it doesn’t work, no values are visible in the charts. For the rollershutter with the configuration

UID: mqtt:topic:fa3de55319:Rollo-Buro-r
label: Rollo-Buro-r
thingTypeUID: mqtt:topic
  payloadNotAvailable: "0"
  availabilityTopic: Rollo-Buro-r/status/connected
  payloadAvailable: "1"
bridgeUID: mqtt:broker:fa3de55319
location: Büro
  - id: Blind
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:rollershutter
    label: Blind
    description: ""
      commandTopic: Rollo-Buro-r/cmd/blind
      stop: halt
      stateTopic: Rollo-Buro-r/status/BlindPosition
      off: down
      on: up

I see an openhab.log file entry:

2022-10-31 17:26:19.785 [ERROR] [d4j.internal.RRD4jPersistenceService] - Could not create rrd4j database file '/openhab/userdata/persistence/rrd4j/RolloBuror_Blind.rrd': null

For other rollershutter channels I don’t even see a openhab.log entry and also no values visible in the charts.
Access rights of RolloBurol_Blind.rrd are identical to other rrd-files and also the timestamp RolloBurol_Blind.rrd file is updated regulary.
Any idea why the blind values are not stored in the database?

Thank you.

That’s of no interest here.
Persistence services only work with Items.
We can however guess that you have an Item named RolloBuror_Blind? Is it of type RollerShutter?

rrd4j only works with numerics behind the scenes, but should work with RollerShutter types (similar to Dimmer types)

Possibly relevant - it’s not about rollershutters specifically, just a concurrency issue

Yes, there is an Item named RolloBuror_Blind type RollerShutter.

Similar to groups, my rollershutter items do not work with dynamic but only with fixed chart settings
I’m case the chart remains empty after clicking on analyze, try to change the chart settings from dynamic to fixed & use e.g. consolidated coordinate system with 2 dimensions

Only try this for items with no errors in the log, because the error on the log is about something different

This is exciting. With fixed chart settings, consolidated coordinate system with 2 dimensions, the chart is visible - also for items with errors in the log.

Alternatively you can also create a custom chart page, if you want to use dynamic mode. It seems to be a general bug in the analytics function

Thank you @Matze0211 and @rossko57.