Rrd4j migration to another sd card

I’m migrating to V4 from last V3, but I prefer to do it in a fresh installation on my raspberry (to keep the sd card safe) I have many items (only zwave 120 items) and many of other kind. I’d like to keep my rrd4j data, but here I didn’t found the right procedure to keep the data, anybody knows what is the best way to export and then import data from another openhab sd (Raspberry both). Or may be (having a big server in my lan) installing influx db and migrating it so I can point to it after migrating rrd4j data, is better in this case?
Thanks for any help

There is no need for exporting or importing. If your items are not renamed, the just copy the according rrd files. If your items are renamed, then rename the rrd files.

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Thank you, yes I will do an export configuration from the openhab-cli, but in my case that I have a big server where I could run a docker image with influxdb, is better to convert to influxdb (I saw there was a topic on it)?

well for the config part there is so why not just do, openhab-cli backup has a --full option to ex/import persistence files, too.


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As with everything YMMV. I too have a larger server running everything. I dropped InfluxDB as soon as MainUI Charts became available.

rrd4j is going to be simpler to set up and configure (since it’s embedded all you really need to do is install the add-on), generally run faster (network communications are slow), and. require less maintenance (no upgrades, no purging old data because you are running out of room).

You should have a specific reason to run an external database such as using external tools to analyze the data or you are using some algorithm that cannot work with rrd4j’s sampling period and data decimation.