RRD4J stops logging after about two weeks

I’ve now twice seen RRD4J stopping logging after I’ve left OH2.0 running for a couple of weeks. If I restart OH then everything picks up fine, save with a gap in my charts for when logging wasn’t happening.

There’s nothing visible in my openhab.log file - I can see RRD4J starting and stopping/restarting when it’s supposed to, but nothing else

Other than that, RRD4J is very well behaved. Running on default settings, and logging every minute [typo corrected].

I don’t suppose anyone else has seen this?

Take a look here:


The strategy everyMinute must be used, otherwise no data will be persisted

apologies - typo. Strategy is indeed everyMinute. Everything is persisting/logging/charting perfectly… unless I keep openHAB running straight for a couple of weeks