Rrd4j with Switch for Week Month via HabPanel

i have successfully installed rrdj4 and created a single graph. now i want to have the option to choose week, month and year via button in habpanel. i created all via paper ui. All i can find is to create this in sitemap file, which i not have. So how can i solve this?

Assuming you have HABPanel installed, click on the HABPanel link on the Dashboard and then you construct the dashboard in browser. See https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/habpanel.html#designing-dashboard-interfaces-with-habpanel

Also, please watch out. PaperUI is designed for setup only and NOT designed to be a user interface. Sitemaps, HabPanel and similar are the user interfaces and the functionality you are looking for is only available in these user interfaces. Do NOT use PaperUI as your user interface, doing so will make your life very difficult soon.

and thanks but i know that. I have created my Panel via Paper UI and use it via HabPanel. I now installed rrd4j and also created a working graph. Its ok too. In the forum i see others who have also Buttons for daily, weekly and monthly to switch the graph. They have created it via sitemap file, which i dont have, i think thats because i have created my Panel and Sites via Paper UI and not all in the sitemap file. Is there an way to setup this in PaperUI or have i create a new sitemap and when how will it work with my working Hab Panel?
Hope this is clearer :slight_smile: thx.

You cannot create the button/function you want in PaperUI. You will need a ‘real’ user interface for that: either a sitemap or HabPanel, etc. You have found the resource for the sitemap already, above rlkoshak provided you with a resource for HabPanel (which I am not using myself).

yes your are right. I understand PaperUI und HabPanel. I created all via HabPanel. I only wanted to say that i installed rrd4j via PaperUI. My problem is, that i dont know how to setup this. Here is an example by [[SOLVED] Graphs with RRD4J](http://KurtS on May 18) So can i create this via HabPanel, or can i simple create a sitemap named how? and insert the code to have buttons for my rrd4j graph? I never work with sitemaps in files e.g. Hope its clearer…

So maybe you need to open a new thread with a better question. If I understand you, you need help in displaying charts in HabPanel for different timeframes; that sounds quite different from your headline here. rrd4j is just a database that you can query for its content, you could also use a different database if you want. And, while you will need to setup a persistence service in OH2 and specify which database you want to use, you can actually do this in PaperUI or in text file with the absolute identical functionality. This part, however, only refers to which data you are putting INTO your database. You seem to struggle with getting it out in the format you want, which is completely unrelated to PaperUI. It seems that you dont understand on how to create a HabPanel widget for displaying timeseries data and in addition, with a variable time frame (days, weeks). And again, if this is correct and if you open a new thread with the correct info, the HabPanel experts may chime in.
I am not using HabPanel, but as far as I know you cannot mix sitemaps and HabPanel, these are simply two different user interfaces, and you have to chose which one you want. You may be able to have both in operation (don’t know for sure), but then they would be simply independent from each other.

i corrected the Question to HabPanel. I know which databases are available to use in OH, i know how rrd4j works and to setup HabPanel and widgets. I dont know the function of sitemap and how it work in OH, while i never use it. I only use PaperUI and HabPanel. So the best information from all replies is so far “as far as I know you cannot mix sitemaps and HabPanel, these are simply two different user interfaces” and thats only a assumption. So if thats true, than i cant realise buttons in HabPanel for Timeshift Graph e.g. Day,Week, Month while using rrd4j and the chart widget. Actually i see only to switch all to sitemaps or create e.g. 3 undependent chart widgets for Day,Week and Month.
Any other suggestion to that?

In sitemap, the approach is to render all graphs that are desired and simply toggle the visibility of the individual graph. You may be able to the same in Habpanel

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That’s true. They are completely independent and unrelated to each other.

As Lipp suggests, assuming HABPanel supports it, you would render them all and use a visibility flag to show the one that is currently active.

and thanks for your reply, but i cant find any thing in HabPanel which could set an flag or switch between charts. I can switch between dashboards, but not more. Perhaps someone who has knowledge in HabPanel could help.