RRDchart configure time to 12 hour format?


Starting to use RRD Charts to visualize my data. When looking at the time scale set to hours, the charts use the 24 hour format. I don’t really see much documentation on these charts, but wondering if it is possible to configure the time scale to show 12 hour (am/pm) format?

The number of options and changes you can make to the charts built in to OH is very limited. I’m not even sure you can choose the color of the lines.

If you want good looking charts with lots of customization options you need to look outside of OH.

Looking where for example?

I use rrd or mysql and I just need better graphs. Is there a tool for widows that can read the rrd files and generated bitmaps on regular intervals…or some web server (local) that will generate those dynamicly from MySQL on each web request.

Started with rrdtool and it says …wrong format

The rrd4j database OH uses is a special Java version for which, if I remember correctly, rrd4 tools does not work. There are tons of graphing libraries in JavaScript out there that people use but you are looking to need to set up a separate web server to generate and expose these charts. InfluxDB has a ton of tools and libraries written around it and is probably the place I would look.

But I’m really not the right person to answer this. I’ve done zero research into this.

However, I do remember a thread while back with someone who wrote a binding that generates better charts. If you search the forum you hopefully can find it.