OpenHAB 4.1.1 / Linux

I found an issue when adding a rule in my installation.

  1. I´d like to add a rule

  2. I add a trigger and an inline ESCM script

  3. This is the result, directly after clicking on “ECMAScript”

Getting handler 'script.ScriptAction' for module '2' failed: Config parameter 'script' is missing in the configuration of module '2'. 
  1. When I click on the “execute an inline script” one more time, it works

This appears on every rule addition, but only once. After (4), no issue anymore.
Saving does not help.

Does anybody have an idea, how to solve that?

Afaik this error goes away as soon as you enter some script code. As long as there is nothing in your script this error pops up.

Same perception here. Not a preferred way it should work, IMHO

But ideally the script editor opens as soon as you add the script action so usually you would not see this error at all unless you just close the editor again. I think it’s ok like that even if I also stumbled upon this in the past. I think you can argue that the script code is just a mandatory element of a script action so I don’t see why it should not result in an error if the code is missing.

After all the main reason why this happens is in my perception because the resulting yaml is not valid without a value for script.