Rule does not trigger as expected


I have a rule configured to trigger if one of my switch items gets switched ON, but it does not trigger as expected. The switch item is linked to our BTicino home automation system. When I switch it ON in the openHAB user interface, the rule triggers. But when I switch it ON in the BTicino system, it does not trigger, despite the item changing to ON in openHAB. So openHAB does get the information that the switch has been put to ON, seems to process it correctly but does not trigger the rule.

Here is how my rule looks like:

Probably it is some kind of beginner’s mistake, it is my first rule in openHAB. :wink:

This is the item that triggers the rule. If I use the switch in the web UI shown below, the rule triggers. If I change it in BTicnio the switch on the UI changes, but the rule does not trigger.

Does anyone have an idea what I might be doing wrong and/or how I could debug this?

Wrong trigger :slight_smile:

received command is: a rule sent a command, or you sent a command via Karaf console (openhab:send <itemname> <command>) or API or you sent a command via UI.

on the other hand, when switching something in BTicino, openHAB gets a status update, not a command.
So simply change the trigger to changed to ON and that should do the trick.

Merry Christmas!


Works, thanks a lot! Merry Christmas!

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