Rule does not work dependent on position in rule file

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I have quite a lot of rules (243) spread over 34 files on OH3.
I had issues with one (maybe even more, not known yet) rules not firing. When I moved the rule within the file that contains quite a bunch of trivial rules it fires. So by just changing the position in the text rules file the rules works / does not work. This is quite unlogic for me.

Are there limitations on total amount of rules? Rules per file? Any other idea?

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All rules must have a unique name. If you have two or more rules with the same name one of them will not exist after everything is loaded.

Good idea, unfortunately this is not the case (would have been a trivial reason / solution).
Actually the rule also works on a lower position in the rules file.

I also checked that there is no “ü” in the rule name? Are there limitations on rule text size or other less obvious things?

Thanks and best

So… it’s not position dependent? Maybe it’s just the act of editing/saving/recompiling that brings it to life?

I suspect the limit is somewhere around 2 GB. That’s definitely not the problem here. There is nothing obvious that would make some rules from a file to be loaded and others not beyond reusing rule names or the like.

I think I can observe similar behavior at different rules. When I change the text file (empty lines) somehow impact if they fire or not. Any hint how to find the root cause?

this seems similar but at least one issue was narrowed down to adding and deleting members from a group

As replied in the linked threat: I have no single Member of trigger. Any idea? Its actually breaking the usage and continuation of OH somehow.

Happy for help!

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