Rule engine certain day off week

I have used the experimental rule engine before. Now i can’t highlight the days, i want the rule to run? Why? Nothing happens when i press the days.

I can’t answer your question but I will point out this is experimental and being such you may experience weird behavior. If you need a rule to be reliable then creating it in the rules file is the way to go.

F*ck no, what a bad and wrong suggestion!! It depends on the used version! If you tell everybody not to use the new rule engine, nobody will use it and it will never improve or bugs like this get discovered. The new rule engine WILL replace the old one, so people should get familiar with it.

The engine itself is stable for OH snapshots and milestones. OH 2.3 stable has an older build of the engine that is not reliable.

@H102 If you are on OH snapshots, please report that found issue to so that it can be resolved :slight_smile:


I simply pointed out that if your rule needs to be reliable, create it in the rules file. I’m not against the new rules engine and you make a valid point. If someone wants a light or TV to turn on then use the new engine. Would you feel comfortable using the new rules engine for a garage door or to monitor something of value? Feel free to copy and paste here, your first sentence from the quote above.

Good Day