Rule engine Fixed time of day not working

I have a problem using the rule engine built into openHAB. When setting a fixed time in the “When” section, it does not get triggered at the selected time (It does not run at for example 19.30) that is my current time at the moment. I’m talking about the paper UI rule engine.

Have tried using cron time in a “.rules” file and that works, but for somehow the fixed time is not working when setting it to locale time. (Really want to use the rule engine in paper UI.

Have created the rule, and if I click the “start button” inside the Rules menu section, it gets triggered, but will not get triggered using a fixed time.

Any help here?

Btw, using version 2.1 stable

I’ve no advice as I don’t use the Experimental Rules Engine (ERE) yet and there are no docs written yet to help. I do know though that there have been a TON of changes since 2.1 to the ERE and perhaps that is just something not yet implemented in the 2.1. 2.2 stable is set for release on the 18th.