Rule files and execution speed

Hi, i have 7 rules file - one for each room of my apartment. Each file has a set of rules that works fine.
I arranged in the same way the .items files.

I was wondering: if i use a single rule and a single item file, can i get some benefit? What is the right way to arrange rules and item files?
Sometimes, for example if i press a zWave switch, the event associated to the rule is fired 1 or 2 seconds later - and i wonder if this behaviour is related to a bad “rule design”.

I do exactly the same, and haven’t noticed any difference when combining them into one file.

Does the the notification of a change in item appear immediate in events.log when you press the button? It’d be easy to see if you follow it in the console for example.

Does this only happen after restarting openHAB or the server?
I’m seeing this too, but only after a restart. As soon as the rules are triggered once there is no delay at all (at least no delay which can be noticed).
I think this is by design and does not bother me a lot.

Yes @sihui i have the same behaviour here after a restart. But the delays i’m talking about seems more a rare, random event.

Haven’t noticed something like that.