Rule not executed, but item value changed


I successfully added a Z-Wave controller, a Fibaro RGBW-LED and a NodOn CWS-3103. Everything is working in PaperUI, Things and Items look correctly defined. I can control the RGBW-controller and NodOn’s current scene updates immediately when I tap the device.

I then created a simple rule to be triggered by NodOn’s scene change, but it just won’t trigger.

Here’s my test rule:

rule "NodOnTest"
	Item zwNodOn0_CurrentScene received update

I tried “changed” as well in the when condition, but also no effect.

Here’s my log after saving the scene and a tap on a NonOn button as well as item and link definition:

Rules in general seem to work (added a Cron for testing and it shows up in the log) and the log clearly shows the item is updating (and PaperUI control reflects the change immediately), so I’m really stucked here, and being new to OH I don’t have an idea where to continue debugging! I’ve read a lot about NodOn problems here in the forum, but most are related to comparing scenes (compare against float-issues and such). Here the button seems to work like a charm, just that the item change doesn’t fire the rule. Any ideas?

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Your item name within the rule is different from the one in the logs and item definition (the underline between “NodOn” an “0”)

Item zwNodOn0_CurrentScene received update



OMG, you’re right. I checked everything over and over without noticing that, stupid me. Guess either eyes and/or brain need an urgent hotfix.

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Would you beso kind to post your rule and items for fibaro rgbw ?
You claim you can use this via paperui and i am strugling with this.

Kindest regards.

Currently I don’t have any rules for it except the debug one above, but I added the RGBW controller through PaperUI without any changes, then assigned items to brigthness and color. That was enough to make it show up in PaperUI’s control section and play with it.

Once I got some spare time I want to add some CometVisu UI to save presets and apply them.

What exactly doesn’t work on your side? Any errors?