Rule on specific months

Hi everyone.
I have a nest thermostat and some xiaomi door sensors. Ihave made a rule when one of the windows open, turn the thermostat to off. the rule is below and is working.

rule "Windows Opened"
    Item LeftWindow_OpenStatus changed from CLOSED to OPEN or
    Item RightWindow_OpenStatus changed from CLOSED to OPEN 

How can i enable the rule only on specific months of year (say from october to April)
Thank you in advance

val currMonth = now.getMonthOfYear
if (currMonth < 5 || currMonth > 9) {
if (LivingRoomThermostat_Mode.state != OFF) {LivingRoomThermostat_Mode.sendCommand(OFF)}

Thanks i will try that and let you know

Harry’s is the easiest and most expedient solution. If you have other Rules that need to know the current month/season, you can consider adapting Design Pattern: Time Of Day to calculate seasonal periods instead of or in addition to times of day.