Rule on xiaomi temperature

i have a temperature sensor from xiaomi
I get a temperature of 23.83 ° С from the sensor
how to make a rule if the temperature rises above 30 ° С send a message.
my rule.
rule “Датчик на стене” when
Item mihome_sensor_ht_xxx_temperature received update
if (mihome_sensor_ht_xxx_temperature.state> = 24) {
sendTelegram (“bot1”, “Высокая температура”)}
but this is wrong, because 23.83 ° C is a string

Hi, I have the same sensor, AFAIK it should be a Number item by default.


Can you see if you see the same type Number in Paper UI?

Your code looks ok to me. If you put some logInfo() calls to see what is happening it may help you debug.

how can I call logInfo ()

It number but it doesn’t work(

I solved In item dimention it was temperature. uI made empty. and it works now. thanks