Rule - state of Hue light

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Good morning :slight_smile:
I would like it so when one of my Hue bulbs turns ON, some other stuff turns on too.

Here is my rule:

rule "Fireplace Wall Lights ON"
		Item LR_Fireplace_Toggle changed to ON
		sendCommand(LR_Left_Wall, ON)
		sendCommand(LR_Right_Wall, ON)
		logInfo("Rules", "FIREPLACE->WALL ON")

LR_Fireplace_Toggle is actually a busch-jaeger relay switch, Hue type 0000.
It works if I switch on fireplace via basicUI, but not if I turn on the fireplace via app/alexa etc
It’s as if openhab isn’t seeing it change. In fact it doesn’t change in paperUI control, my other hue stuff does.

I see the state of the switch change in Hue app no problem.
Is my rule correct? Any other suggestions?

Please have a shot look into the events log /var/log/openhab2/events.log is the state change there metioned if you trigger the switch manually or from another app?

If yes than it is a rule problem, even if i am not seeing any spetecular things there. If not than the change is not recognized by the binding and you have to look there.

A little bit more information about the item definition might be helpful.


The rule works if I switch the fireplace from basicUI.

The state change is not mentioned in events.log, nor is it mentioned in the karaf console.

Item definition:

// Fireplace
Switch LR_Fireplace_Toggle <fire> { channel="hue:0000:001788401199:14:switch" }

Thanks :slight_smile:

I guess the problem is not my rule then; the problem is not receiving state change. Perhaps I should create new post or edit title.

I read it again and maybe i am not clear with you setup.

You have a hue and a wallswicth from Busch-Jäger. How ist the Busch-Jäger switch controlled by openHAB? Is the Hue switches (hard) on/Off with the Busch-Jäger Switch?


I have a Busch-Jaeger switch with relay. The switch itself is never touched.
This device appears in Hue app as an ON/OFF light.
I can turn it on and off via the app or alexa no problem.

It was discovered as a “thing” by paperUI.
In my home.items file, item is created like so:

Switch LR_Fireplace_Toggle <fire> { channel="hue:0000:001788401199:14:switch" }

Then in my home.sitemap like so:

Switch item= LR_Fireplace_Toggle label="Fireplace Lights"

This all works great.

What doesn’t seem to work: no state update received by openhab.

Hope this makes sense!

Hm i am not so much in HUE at the moment. I will check that tomorrow when i am back home.


Cool, thanks :slight_smile:
It’s probable some issue with the Hue binding, I can’t imagine many people are using Busch=Jaeger switches due to the massive price of them.
€200 for this single switch. :-/

I think this is definitly an issue with the binding, but from away i cannt test it with my hues and with the Bush-Jäger you are right.