Rule to perform openhab actions when knx scene is activated

I am recently playing around with openHAB2 as extension and visualization for my knx environment.

I am using as much as possible the knx way to control my environment (no central dependency), but some things do not have a knx integration.

So I’m trying to perform an action when a knx scene is activated.


Thing device generic [
    ] {
        Type number                     : SCN2      "Scene2"                     [ga="17.001:3/1/0"]


Number  SCN2        "Scene2"                 {channel="knx:device:bridge1:SCN2"}


rule Scene2
    Item SCN2 received command
    loginfo("knx.rules", "SCN2 rule triggered")

As fas as I can see, this rules is never triggered (no entry in the logfile.

You forgot the thing in your channel:

Number  SCN2        "Scene2"                 {channel="knx:device:bridge1:generic:SCN2"}
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It’s really that simple.
Many thanks, overlooked this multiple times.

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