Rule with items starting with a number - doesnt work

Hey Guys,

i couldnt find that info yet but it appears that if i use items in rules, these item-names should not start with a number. In case i start with a number, i wont get a good error message (like "…dont start the item name with a number), but it will “read” the name without that number


Rule should send a command “ON” to this item


Then the rule reads it like


Is that a known issue or something which will always be like it is now?

Easy to check… Rename you item and your rule, and try again. If it works, maybe it´s an issue.

In order to help more, we´ll need alot more info from you, such as, openhab version, items and rules full copies.

Correct, that’s why it is in the docs:

Names must not begin with numbers.

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Oh sorry, i did that check. It works if i rename it and this is the reason why i switched to use t_ for Things and i_ for Items as prefix.

I didnt find that in the docs, sorry :frowning: