Rule with LCN trigger on sendkeys will not start

Hallo Community,

I use an LCN-System an a couple of HUE lamps. In the past, befor the new LCN binding exists, I used virtual relais within the LCN system to trigger rules for the HUE lamps. Now I discovered, that a more elegant way exists. So I tried to realize this.

  1. Modifiing the action within the keytable of the LCN with LCNPro. Now the key send an HIT, MAKE or BREAK to Module #4, as discriped in the documentation of the current LCN bindung.

  2. Take a look at the “log Viewer” …

    2020-12-13 12:59:53.564 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - lcn:module:ce5f34ba:S000M011:hostcommand#sendKeys triggered A3:HIT
    2020-12-13 12:59:54.670 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - lcn:module:ce5f34ba:S000M011:hostcommand#sendKeys triggered A3:MAKE
    2020-12-13 12:59:55.806 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - lcn:module:ce5f34ba:S000M011:hostcommand#sendKeys triggered A3:BREAK

… seam to work …

  1. Modifying my rule

rule “AZ_LightON”
// Item LCN_AZ_SW_Relay_HUE_Switch changed from NULL or
// Item LCN_AZ_SW_Relay_HUE_Switch changed from OFF or
// Item LCN_AZ_SW_Relay_HUE_Switch changed from ON
Channel “lcn:module:ce5f34ba:S000M010:hostcommand#sendKeys” triggered “A3:HIT”
then {
logInfo(“AZ-Rule”, " Rule triggered")

So the problem is, that the rule will not be triggered … the log shows that there will be an event, but the rule will not start … :cold_sweat:

Has anyone an idear, where my mistake is?

Thanks and best regards

The logs show module 11 and the rule triggers on module 10.

@fwolter: Thanks, you are right. After change the rule with the correct module ID it works fine.

Are you familiar with the LCN-system? And … another question is … is it possible to define the channel statement similar to thing to increase the readablity?

Yes, I am familiar with LCN.

I’m not aware that you can simplify the Channel UID in rules.

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