RuleDSL: How to use thing metadata in rules?

Hi all,

TLDR: is there any way to read thing metadata and use it in a rule (with good old rule dsl)?

Bridge hue:bridge:someid "Hue Bridge" @ "Some Room" [
] {
rule "somerule"

    Channel "hue:0820:someid:90:dimmer_switch_event" triggered
    sendHttpPutRequest("http://$IPADD/api/$USERTOKEN/groups/1/action", "text/plain", "{\"on\":false}")

Note: The button is part of Deconz network, not Hue.

Background: I’m trying to dim down all my hue lights by an event that came from outside the hue network. The official app contains a button to do disable all lights, but I could not find a corresponding endpoint in the API so I guess, they just disable the lights for each group. The Hue binding has group capabilities, but neither sendCommand nor postUpdate seems to work to send a disable command. Hardcoded IP/token in the rule works fine, but having metadata in any other place than thing definition just feels wrong :sweat_smile:

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Pi 4b
    • OS: Raspbian 64bit
    • Java Runtime Environment: whatever comes with the official docker image
    • openHAB version: 3.1.0

Not that I’m aware of.