Rules and Persistence for Network binding


can someone provide me the rules and persistences that complete the Network binding example?

BR Bernd

Rules to do what?
Rules define the behaviors you want to have happen on certain events (e.g. send a notification when a device goes offline). That is by definition going to be unique to your system. Given the Network binding examples, there are no rules to show.

Persistence to do what?
Do you want to restore the states on startup? Generate a chart? look at historic information in your Rules? Which database do you want to use? Again, all of these are going to be unique to your spefic home automation and again, the examples in the binding docs have no persistence to show.

That example shows whether or not a device online on the sitemap and shows your most recent speedtest results. That’s all. No rules or persistence required.

If you want to add rules or persistence, you need to decide what you want them to do and read the docs for Rules and Persistence. If you run into trouble come back.

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My confusion arises from sys_chart_period, because I could not figure out how it is used.
Maybe it was related to a rule?

Either way, if I understand you correctly, then the part “Frame label="Down"” is not suppose to be part of the demo.sitemap example. It potentially confuse beginners.

I didn’t look that closely but yes, the example does require persistence.

But it’s a tricky thing. The individual binding docs assume a basic level of knowledge and proficiency of using and configuring openHAB. We also have a policy, by necessity, to not duplicate documentation. Everything you need to know to set up InfluxDB Persistence is documented elsewhere:

So I’m not saying that those sitemap entries don’t belong in the binding demo. That would count as duplicated documentation which is not allowed. I’m also not saying that they should not be a part of the demo sitemap, though I would not have included them. But for the purposes of configuring and using the Network binding they are not really all that relevant. They are just showing one thing you can potentially do with the information gathered by the binding.

If you think they should be removed, there is a link at the bottom of the page that will let you suggest an edit.