Rules are not showing

Hello every one!! I was add some bindings like network ,gps tracker ,and create sample rules like item state changes ring bell like that! These rules are not showing in rules folder, and items and things also same like these ! I was try to add vscode it was added but not showing in paper ui can you please tell me as soon as possible.

First of all, where did you create the rules? In PaperUI? Then they wil not show up in the rules folder.
You can use VSCode the create rules in de rules folder.

You can read everything about rules here:

And here about VSCode:

Good luck!

No. Two different rule systems.

It doesn’t matter what bindings you use, you’d examine and act on Items in your rules.

Okay thank you sir!!

Hey @vinod_jaswanth_roy,

You question is very vaguely. Can you try it to formulate it better?
I think what you mean is that you want a report of your battery charge on your phone, with the app every week?
You can create an item, put it in a sitemap with a chart and it can show you the battery charge over a week.

Is that what you want?
Try to read How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You

Sorry for the inconvenience sir!! Thank you

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