Rules for automatic shading (Rollershutter, Blinds)

please can you show me your rules for your automatic shading?

My rollershutter work very well with astro binding to open and close them on morning/at night, but now i want to make automatic shading of my house, to not get it to hot inside.

I have rollershutter on east, west and nord and blinds on the south side.

I currently dont have a weather station (will buy one maybe next year). So i only can use temperature sensors inside/outside, astro-binding, weatherbinding and so on.

Can you show me your rules as examples? Maybe even with automatic correction of the sun position every hour?

I don´t have the big idea how to start yet…

Hi, i want to bring this question up again.

Can someone tell me more about the rules for automatic shading?

Do you work with groups? Do you make a single rule for each direction (east, south, west)?

I’m still optimizing my rules for shadowing, but so far I’m having it like this:

I’m shadowing only two windows, one on the west side and one on the south side, where I have the sun directly shining in in the summer time and only if the sun is shining in.
It should be possible to move the rollershutters manually which overrides the automatic movements.
I assume that the temperature in the room has to be above a certain temperature, otherwise I would like to have the sun as heating…
The intensity of the light I’m measuring via the output of my solar power plant, it is correlated to the brightness in the room. To reduce the movements, I’m using an average value for 15 minutes for the brightness.
Here are my rules, they are triggered by the sun position (astro binding):

rule "Rolladen - Beschattung Süd"
  Item n_SonnenstandHor changed

  val StellungUnten = 82
  if ((n_SonnenstandHor.state >= 99) && (n_SonnenstandHor.state < 230) && (nSL_PacAvg15.state > 2200) && (dWoZi_RolladenSued.state < 20) && (nWoZi_Temp.state > 22.5))
    dWoZi_RolladenSued.sendCommand(StellungUnten)  	// Rolladen runter

  if (((n_SonnenstandHor.state >= 259) || (nSL_PacAvg15.state < 2000)) && (dWoZi_RolladenSued.state == StellungUnten))
    dWoZi_RolladenSued.sendCommand(0)  		// Rolladen hoch

rule "Rolladen - Beschattung West"
  Item n_SonnenstandHor changed

  val StellungUnten = 82

  if ((n_SonnenstandHor.state >= 190) && (nSL_PacAvg15.state > 2600) && (dWoZi_RolladenWest.state < 20) && (nWoZi_Temp.state > 22.5))
    dWoZi_RolladenWest.sendCommand(StellungUnten)  	// Rolladen runter

  if ((nSL_PacAvg15.state < 1000) || ((n_SonnenstandHor.state < 250) && (nSL_PacAvg15.state < 2000)) && (dWoZi_RolladenWest.state == StellungUnten))
    dWoZi_RolladenWest.sendCommand(0)  		// Rolladen hoch

I hope I could give an idea.