Rules Location and Rules Access on Paper UI

I’m using OH252 on a synology and created a setup by trying to follow the install instructions. The resulting folders look like this


Added Fritz!Box Bindings, found thinks and created items, items show values. Perfect!
Now I try to add rules and I can’t find the rules folder “$OPENHAB_CONF/rules” referred to in

And I also can’t find the access to the rules UI

Rules can be created and edited with in the UI. You can find the editor browsing to Settings -> Rules . Click on the + icon to add a rule and define a name and a trigger.

in PaperUI.

What do I need to do, to add rules like this or write rules in code?


The link you showed is for the current openHAB version 3.0.0 You are running the older version 2. That documenttion page is here.

As noted. you can either use files (optionally with the VS Code plugin) or try the experimental NGRE addon.

If you upgrade to openHAB 3 you have more UI options. Since you are just starting out, it might be good to use the new version. The Paper UI and many parts of OH2 are gone. The Main UI is the replacement.

Thanks Bruce. I actually tried installing the OH3 on my synology DS216j, but the package itself wouldn’t start, probably because there is only java8 available and docker is not an option there.

Thanks for pointing out the rules page. What I’m uncertain about is what directory is referred to as “$OPENHAB_CONF? Is it the base directory for openHAB?

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I am not familiar with synology installations. I am surprised they are stuck with an old LTS version of Java.

Either the docs were not updated for Synology or OH3 is not available for that platform. There appears to be an early 3.0 snapshot installer though (??)

@wborn Sorry to tag you but you have developed for Synology. Is it supported in OH3 ?

If you look at the openhab-syno-spk repo history/PRs you’ll see that @thopiekar is working on a way to run the OH3 release without VMs or Docker.

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Thanks. So it is not currently supported but support is expected later?
What do you recommend for a new Synology user now?

I don’t use or maintain the Synology package so I don’t know all these details @Bruce_Osborne . :slight_smile: But I would conclude from the repo activity that an OH3 release is on its way. I do have a Synology NAS but mainly use it for storage and would probably run an OH Docker image on it as I do maintain that. :wink:

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Hi. Just wondering if there is an OH3 version planned for openHAB v3.0.0 Synology DiskStation. It’s been a while since this discussion, yet I only see a SNAPSHOT version at Releases · openhab/openhab-syno-spk · GitHub. Does this mean the SNAPSHOT is the latest available? For some reason, even with Java11 it won’t run on my Synology 216+ii. It gives an “Failed to run the package service.” error.

Thanks for the help!

Just in case it helps someone in the future: I was able to install openHAB on my 216+ii Synology NAS by utilizing the instructions for DSM 7.0+. Even though I am running DSM 6, the instructions for DSM 7 worked (using a docker). Problem solved.