[rules-ng] Questions about Next-Gen Rule Engine

I try to only use the new (experimental) and now I have some questions.

If I use more than one trigger, how are they connected with each other (is it an OR or an AND)?
The same with conditions (but only if), is it an OR or an AND?

@Kai, by the way, it would be great if you could choose how they interact.

Then, can I use an item as comparison?
E.g. But only if Item1 is < than Item2. I tried to use the items name as value (also with .state) but it seems that there is no success.

If it is possible to compare two items that would be great.

I believe this is the same as the ‘old’ rules - triggers are events.
No two events can ever happen simultaneously, so the idea of AND makes no sense.
Multiple event triggers are by definition OR.

Yes, regarding the triggers you are right, of course. :slight_smile: