Rules not working after migrating to new OH host


I’ve ran into a very strange problem.

I just migrated my OH 3.2 installation from a Raspberry pi 3B running Debian Buster with OpenJDK to a Linux Container running Debian Bullseye on a Proxmox host running ZuluJava 15. Both instanses are running the latest stable release of Openhab 3.2 and I used Openhab-CLI backup and restore to migrate.

I had some problems getting my USB controllers passed through to the container, but when I got that working all my things came to life and I’m able to control the items via the GUI.

However, the strange thing is that almost all my rules are in “Invalid” state and when I Disable and then Enable them it says Error: Handler "Missin handler ‘script.ScriptAction’ for module script


I’m totally lost here…

openHAB 3 needs version 11, not 15. Change that first and see what happens!

From here:

Please note that versions of Java higher than 11 are not supported at the moment.

I’m running the same setup (Bullseye LXC on Proxmox) with Zulu Java 11 without issues.

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My good sir/lady! You just saved my weekend! Didn’t even think the Java version could be the issue, I thought it was the minimum Java version.

Once again thanks!