Rules only triggered via cron, not via item or channel

Since a couple of weeks I have an issue that my rules are not triggered anymore after some time (couple of hours).
When I restart OpenHAB service everything is working fine again. The rules are not located in one specific .rules file or affect a specific item, but none of the rules are working. There is one exception: the rules triggered via cron are still working.

I already did a complete reinstall of OpenHAB and reinstalled all my rules again.

I now removed some of my newer rules to see if this can solve anything, but maybe someone has already had this issue before?

I removed one of my rules, and I think this rule was getting stuch in a loop (I use a while statement in it). All other rules are running fine since 3 days now.
Will try to rewrite this one…

I think I’m having the same problem, can you give more details about how you tracked down the particular rule that was causing the issue?

I didn’t actually. I simply removed the last created rule, because before everything was working fine…
I also added some logging, in the beginning of the rule and in the end. and I saw that I had less ‘end’ logs… so it was stuck somewhere.