Rules operating on groups, and being able to exclude a device

I have a numer of rules that set some lights to run from sunrise to bedtime, and another main one that runs upon alarm arm or disarm.

In these rules I operate on two groups: g_downstair_lamps and g_outside_lights_alarm

I’ve just added a light to the g_downstairs_light, that I primarily am happy for it to follow those two rules.

But the final turn off at night, or arm, I’d light to exclude it to that one operation.

Do I just need to turn of back on directly after telling to group to turn off? or is there some other way that would make more sense?

There is no way to exclude an Item from receiving a command sent to it’s group. So you can either do as you describe or instead of commanding the whole Group with one command trigger a Rule and filter and loop through the Items and send a command to each one individually, excluding the one that you don’t want to receive the command.

Bear in mind that Items can be members of several groups, let’s say both g_downstairs_light_day and g_downstairs_light_night.

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So I can turn on g_downstairs_light_day, but which has all of them in…and then turn off g_downstairs_light_night which only has the ones I want turned off.

I knew there would be a bright spark here that could give me a way to do it, or give me some aspect I didn’t realise/remember. The multiple group thing I hadn’t thought of.