Rules Syntax Guide

Where can I obtain a full list of syntax that can be used with in Rules. Although I’ve managed to picked up a few things by searching the forum, I’d like to have something to reference against. I’m now getting to the point where I’m increasing the complexity of my Rules.



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I searched for “Rule Syntax” so didn’t find these threads. Thanks for your help.

There are also more powerful script based file languages available.

No problem :slight_smile: Glad I could point you to the right topic

Jup for example:

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I’ve barely learnt the Rules Syntax, so not a chance of me looking at another language at this stage. :smiley: But well worth knowing about.

It’s python based, but I feel you.

Yeah. It is Python 2 based. I do not want to learn rules DSL just for OH when I can use the Python knowledge I have developed for use elsewhere.

But that’s just your view :wink: I also work with python2/3 and got no problem with it, but imagine someone who never did some coding in their live and they started learning the default openHAB rule language syntax.
Doing a switch just because “we” know python and love it. Yikes!


I would not say I love it but needed to learn to use it for my job. Why spend my precious hobby time learning another language?

You don’t love :heart: python?? Blasphemy! :smiley:

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It is always hardest to learn the first language. You would be amazed at how many of the concepts and things you have already learned will apply to almost any programming language.

I’m not saying you should go learn a new language, but it’s not as hard as you may think.

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