Rules will not work after restart, but after updating the rule

Hello openhabian-community,

I have the problem, that my rules won’t work after a restart of obenhab (2.1 on a raspberry pi 2B) until I update the rule-files be inserting something like an empty line.

My configuration consists of an LCN-system and some Hue blubs. The rules I have defined controls the hue blubs. In the log file I can see, that the rules-files are loaded several seconds earlier than the establishing of the connection to the LCN system. So my suggestion is, that this is an sequence problem. Is it possible to define which binding will be included first ?

Thanks an best regards

No. There’s a long-standing open request, maybe post another pretty please for implementing this.

I still need to manually move away my rules files before restarting to ensure it’ll work. Otherwise the coincidential order of processing items and rules can even result in lockup on startup.

In the meantime, there’s a couple of workarounds, search the forum (such as to create a rule to touch rules files on “system started”), but they’re all just that: workarounds that have have drawbacks in one way or another.

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