Running events on a given time

For my heating and lights I run several cron rules to make it trigger. However my girlfriend is not very happy to go into the setup files to adjust the timers and would like to have have it in a sitemap instead. I know I can set OH items with IFTTT, but then it makes it rely on other services.

So is it possible to have time picker in a sitemap and then forward this to a cron rule?

One way is to set the time with setpoint in the sitemap and then to use createTimer in the rule.

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How to map set point to a given time? Say you alter it at 23 that the trigger should change from 08.00 to 09.00 until next time you decide to alter it…

Have you though about using Google calendar and the caldav binding?
Your GF would only have to move items on the google calendar to change timings

Yes, but still its outside openhab and once in a while you might have to update acsess token etc to get it to work, a solution inside openhab would be better. Like setting a String item = “08.00” and that this then could be parsed by the cron rule…

Variables in cron tabs are not possible
Scheduling is a hot topic

There is no simple way to do it. Search for the alarm clock examples. Here is a pretty comprehensive one: