Running OH in a netbook

Is anyone running a reasonably large OH Config on a netbook?
I’m currently running mine on a Core2 Duo laptop, but have an old netbook knocking around. Seems to be a sensible solution, low power consumption, built in battery backup etc. Just wondering if it will have enough grunt.

I have 12 running plugins
About 80 managed items
Persistence using MySQL

Plenty of people run on Raspberry Pi’s, which have very limited processing power. I’d say you’d probably do fairly well with it. The biggest advantage would probably be to have it running from an SSD - this will keep all disk read/writes nice and snappy!

I run mine on an old eeepc-does that qualify as a netbook?

I believe it does - is it one of the older 700 series ones?
How is performance? And do you have a relatively big install? (Any persistence tracking or anything happening?)

Also - what OS are you running?

Actually think that one is a 1001px our similar from memory (haven’t checked, its atop a large cabinet), however in the past I’ve used a 700. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 server on it, and then java and openHAB. It handles fine, and is also running mosquitto, node red and zoneminder.

Excellent - thanks!
Sounds like a migration of my gear is due!