Running OH2 on a Synology. Not able to store HABPanels on Synology

Hello at all OH fans,

I’m new to openHAB but i like it. I installed OH2 on my DS418 and configured tings, ruels, groups and more.

Now I’ve created a nice Panel and tried to save it by “Save current config to a new panel” Button at the bottom of the configuration page. Gave a name but couldn’t find/start the panel on a second device…

Any ideas what went wrong or what to configure in DS418?

thanks for your support


this nigth I’ve set additional this setting in PaperUI/Configuration/Service/UI/HABPanel

But nothig happen…

No Configuration found…

I’m wondering because usually there is a “Save” Dialog if a “Save-Button” is pushed.

Any suggestions or tips?


This definitely do not work, like described in manuals!

To switch from the local storage to a server-hosted panel configuration, go to the Settings page from the main menu or the side drawer (see below). A list of panel configurations will be presented in the Current storage configuration section; if only the “Local storage” option is available, click on the Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration link, give it a name to identify it (avoid spaces or special characters), and it should be added to the list. The radio button is also automatically checked, meaning it is now the active panel configuration.