Running openHAB under ESXi, anyone doing it?


I considering running openHAB in a virtual machine in ESXi, has anyone else here done it or currently run it that way. I tested and can successfully pass through the zwave stick. Are there any drawbacks, does it respond slower? Any feedback/information would be great.


From memory, openHAB ran without a problem. Didn’t use openHAB for the z-wave but did pass through to a Windows VM that used the Z-wave stick.

Currently I’m using openHAB on xenserver which doesn’t pass through USB very well but I haven’t tried yet either.



Thanks for the info. I think that xenserver can only passthrough USB storage devices but I could be wrong. I switched back to ESXi a few months ago as setting up new VM’s in xenserver was always a little more involved than I thought it should be and adding local storage to Xen was annoying as well.

Did you happen to notice any difference in speed with your Windows VM with zwave versus a standalone windows with zwave (if you happened to have it that way at any time)?


I think Chris is correct regarding xenserver.

But i am running ESXi here at home with both OH1 and OH2 running on separate Ubuntu Server VMs, and also have seperate aeon zsticks with usb passthru to or both of them and has been working just fine for months.

I believe xenserver can only pass through storage. I was either going to pass through the whole controller (or a PCIe one) or use a raspberry pi as a USB/IP server.

I didn’t really notice a speed difference from memory but the standalone windows was a unlocked/dual core sempron on a cheap board, the VM had better specs so unsure… Not enough to be an issue.

I found zwave a little flaky anyway.


I’ve seen many people report running OH in a VM on ESXi and they all seem pretty happy with the performance. As always, YMMV.