Running Openhabian on Pine H64 Modell B

Hi, is it possible to run Openhabian on the new 2019 Pine H64 Modell B?
Link to Amazon:

3GB Ram, eMMC and USB3.0 would be nice :slight_smile:


So long as it runs the Java VM it should run Openhab. It is worth looking at the Rockpi4 as it has m2-nvme for proper SSD support and 4gb ram. A lot of this thread will also interest you…

Sure, also a nice option :slight_smile:

Until Armbian doesn’t put a flag “Supported” you can calmly forget about those boards. Both are still very quirky and barely usable. What helps you USB3 if it doesn’t work at all, its not stable or works at USB2.0 speed? But there are more things wrong with both of those boards …