Running openhub causes a restart of Linux

Hello !
There is a home server that reboots after starting openhab for not understandable reasons, not immediately, it can take 15 minutes or 3 hours, the relationship is not caught.
I found out just that if you turn off openhab (systemctl stop openhab or before rebooting systemctl disable openhab) the system works fine. The reboot does not always happen, sometimes the wifi network configured through hostapd simply disappears. Then you have to do hardreset.
Iron: intel atom d2700dc.
OS: Arch Linux 2017.03.01.
Diagnosis of the problem is complicated by the fact that there is no monitor and keyboard. The only interface to access the system is the ssh server.
Help please find and fix the cause of such a malfunction.
Sorry for my english (google translate)