Samba access provides only parts of the files

I use openhabian since a while now without any big issues I am not able to handle (in most cases with the help of this awesome community).
I have installed openhabian 2.5.5-1 (Release Build) on a Pi4

Since a couple of weeks I recognize a very strange behaviour:
I connect to the samba share “openHAB-share” and open a log within the “openhab2-logs” directory.
The content of the file appears. But it looks like the content since the last reboot is missing. Everything before showed up.
Steps already taken for analysis:
Connect from MacOS;
connect from Windows (every time with the opehabian user; all OS show the same behaviour).
Connect through Terminal or Putty to the system and cat or nano the file… everything is fine and the whole content be displayed…

Does anybody has a similar behaviour before or an idea what may cause the issue?

Appreciate any help
Thanks a lot!

You might be affected by a problem with ZRAM.
Try to uninstall and re-install it from the openhabian-config menu.

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Thanks Markus for the fast reply.
Will try to uninstall ZRAM and reinstall it.

That’s a good hint.
Concerning ZRAM do we even need that feature when now the PI4s getting more and more RAM and when running the PI4 from an SSD?

Try uninstall ZRAM from within the menu, it throws an error… but after a reboot the access to the logs works again as expected… at least for now.
Thanks for the point to ZRAM.

Mind that it was a problem in your (oldish) code. Today’s ZRAM code has all known issues fixed so you should re-install it.