Samba files

I want to enter the samba files.
what is the meaning of “username” and “password” here?
is there “hostname” is the “username” and “Samba password” is the password in the picture?

The username and password that SAMBA was configured to use. If you used openHABian to set this up the username is openhab and the password is the one chosen during the initial setup.

I entered “openhab” as Username
and tried samba password and Putty password but not working!

User password needed for SSH or sudo (e.g. “openhabian:openhabian”)
Samba share password (e.g. “openhabian:openhabian”)
openHAB remote console (e.g. “openhab:habopen”)

Can you connect via ssh to openhab?

Try openhabian or openhabianpi as user name.

I tried but no access

What are you running openhab on? Is this an openhabian install? How did you install?

No access to ssh?
Can you ping the server to verify its connected to your network?

I mean “No access” to samba files.
The server is connected to the network

I would connect via ssh and look at your samba config and permissions. You can add a user if needed like, sudo smbpasswd -a openhab then give permissions like, sudo chown -hR openhab:openhab /etc/openhab2 /opt/openhab2/conf